Confessions #2.

1. I don’t always stretch before working out. I know, I know, that’s really bad for you and people like me should be particularly careful. The thing is I stretch most mornings and then when I workout I want to conserve my energy for the actual exercise. I stretch afterwards usually…

2. When I was little I wasn’t actually all that academic and I used to hate reading! Until I was about 8 years old I really didn’t enjoy reading, I only liked having stories read to me. I was also appalling at spelling and was even put in special spelling class. Harry Potter, clichéd as it might sound, actually taught me to love reading and after reading the first three books back-to-back aged 8 I never looked back! It’s why I don’t like hearing people slagging off the writing – it may be simplistic but it enthralled me throughout my childhood and I love them to this day.


3. There are very few foods I don’t like but there are several food-based things that I am incredibly fussy about: I really dislike omelettes – they make me feel physically sick, I hate fatty bits on meat and always cut them off, vinegar and kiwi fruits hurt my tongue.

4. In case you haven’t already noticed, I am absolutely addicted to pasta. Like seriously addicted. I could eat it everyday if it wasn’t for the fact that that wouldn’t be great for my health. I just think it’s such a fantastic, versatile food that can be served in all kinds of dishes.

One of my favourite pasta dishes: tagliatelle, tomato, cream, chili, bacon and Parmesan. It’s so luxurious and indulgent tasting. The ultimate treat dinner.

5. I am becoming a little bit addicted to beauty and skincare products. I’m someone who is incredibly careful with my money and I always have a little internal debate about each purchase I make (in every domain – even with essentials like paper) but at the moment I constantly find myself drawn to the beauty counters in department stores… I think it stems from the fact that the constant fatigue makes me feel pretty rubbish and a bit of pampering here and there really helps me to perk up!

6. I used to be a really indoor kind of girl, I wasn’t very adventurous as a child and I wasn’t keen on getting dirty or anything like that. Since being ill and therefore unable to be outside as often as I’d like I’ve really grown to appreciate the outdoors and I now absolutely love being outside and I see the beauty of nature everywhere. I’m really hoping for some better weather in order to go for walks and picnics in the sunshine.

7. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really fit into a proper blogging “niche”, I’m not really a healthy-living blogger, but I’m not really a food blogger either and nor am I a lit blogger. Does that make me a lifestyle blogger? Hmm…

So there you have some random confessions, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! Have a fantastic weekend :-)

Have you got a confession to share with me?

Confessions #1.

1. I didn’t realise it was Monday today. After having been on holiday for three weeks the days have started to lose all meaning. Not that I’m complaining mind, I just sort of    miss the structure of the week.

2. I tried coconut water and didn’t like it. Sorry to all of those who love it but I just thought it had a strange cloying taste. Not my thing.

3. I enjoy the same lunch I loved as a child and fussy eater, nearly everyday that I’m just at home working:

4. I have written about 1500 words today and I still feel frustrated. It’s really hard to let go of perfectionism, even after a year of not being able to work to my full ability.

5. I spend too much time moaning about the aforementioned frustration. Have you noticed?

7. Over the last few days I have become obsessed with my scented candle. It makes me feel calm and it even seems to help with my fatigue headaches :-)

8. I’ve eaten pasta five times over the last week and a half.

9. I miss Tom too much already.


Any confessions of your own?
Have any exciting plans for the week?

7 Confessions.

Hey hey :-) I hope everyone has had/is having a lovely weekend! I’m having a really fantastic time here with Tom, it just feels wonderful to be together again. Long-distance relationships can be good in some respects: the time you spend together feels more special, but in others it’s just so exhausting. But, hopefully we won’t have to be long-distance for much longer. Can’t reveal the details yet but there might be some changes in the pipeline for me…. Anyway here is a little post I had planned for you. Seeing how we are in a pattern of ‘getting-to-know-me’ posts, here are 7 confessions:

  • I eat the same breakfast everyday.

  • I am glued to my phone. Luckily not literally. I just can’t leave the house without it or I feel naked. It just goes to show the way technology has changed things in our society.
  • I have twelve cookbooks, three of which I bought at the Oxfam bookshop by campus… and I have my eye on two more.

  • I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. I have a clear memory of a specific incident, aged 3 at nursery, of being told off for it. I desperately want to stop – it’s a horrid habit. Unfortunately I do it when I’m stressed and to be honest that’s most of the time at the moment! Please don’t me.
  • I don’t do core work enough. Even though the doctor said it would help my back. As consequence doing Pilates and then the next day doing Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred left me SORE.
  • I have had the same since I was 11 years old – Sense and Sensibility.

  • I love my veg but I don’t really enjoy salads. I know, I’m supposed to be into a healthy lifestyle… Let me explain, I don’t like salads with lettuce. I just find it hard to swallow the stuff!

So there you have it, my 7 random confessions :-)

What’s your confession for the week?